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Salesforce Marketing Cloud-What’s the big deal about personalization?

Whenever we talk about Salesforce Marketing Cloud, “Personalization” is the buzzword that often appears in every discussion. After all, personalization does play the all-important role in the marketing mix. Incorporating personalization means customizing the customer’s journey and experiences according to the buying habits and preferences of the customer. With the growth of marketing, personalization in recent years has become a key methodology to deliver content to the customers. 

Personalization in Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps improving customer engagement with the help of a proper understanding of customer’s behavior and data gathered from trends. Personalization, when compared to a one-size-fits-all approach, proves to be better than other mediums to acquire leads.

Various personalization strategies can be used amongst all the industries, be it: 

  • Displaying the pair of shoes a user added to the cart, but not purchased
  • Providing travel destinations based on the user’s previous search
  • Display customized messages as a user migrates to an insurance funnel discovering a quote.

Personalizing a user’s online journey can bring a huge difference to customer engagement. Personalization is the solution to stay ahead in the competition to tackle challenges in achieving business objectives like new revenue opportunities, reduced cart abandonment, and increased engagement.

Idea behind Personalization

The idea behind personalization is to discover customer segments and observing the customers within these segments. It seems a bit challenging to actually know who your customers are and how they are engaging with your brand at every node. 

Initially, if you are able to gather all the data, it would be a lot more easy for you to develop personalization strategies in Salesforce Marketing Cloud customized to each segment and ultimately serving relevant data.

For the underperforming segments

Numerous ways can be incorporated to leverage the data drawn from your customer segments. Let us say after analyzing sets of collected data, you find that few customer segments are not delivering up to the mark performance as compared to the other segments on your site.

Ultimately, you summarize that content being served by you is not performing well. It states that this may be the golden chance for you to incorporate personalization strategy particularly targeting these underperforming segments. This will ultimately result in bringing them up to the competitive edge where all other customers exist.

In order to gain an increase in performance level for the particular segments not performing well, goal setting is a must. Let us say we set a goal of a 10% increase, you can specify some specific methodologies you will be requiring to serve the customized content with the help of a definite goal.

Segment the content

Setting up a definite goal is always a good idea. Personalization in Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers various tactics that can help achieve these goals. Targets for customer segments help in understanding your customer’s needs. 

Some of the best places to start are:

On-device type: Content being served should be customized, according to the device. There is a difference in the view of a desktop and a mobile phone. Modifying the content accordingly could generate great leads. 

On user’s behavior: There are returning users and non-returning users. Some users are visiting your site for the first time and some may be returning to your site again. These two types of users can bring a huge difference to the conversion rate of your site.

On personal interests: Gathering all the previous data linked to your site will provide you the opportunity to focus on different interests on the user resulting in a great impact on the leads.

On the user’s location: Increase in performance can be largely affected by the geographical details of users.

To sum up, we can say the one-size-fits-all approach is not successful because of the changing trends in the business environment. Today’s tech-savvy audience demands a customized approach that provides you personalized content resulting in impacting conversion rate at each and every stage of the customer’s personalized journey.  And, this is exactly where the Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes into the picture.

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