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5 Tools To Check Your Salesforce Email Sender Reputation

Have you ever wondered what’s the point of sending emails if they don’t reach your ideal prospects’ inboxes? It is no surprise that electronic emails have been sent for many years now. However, their deliverability remains a much-debated and still a misunderstood concept for email marketers like you. 

The primary concern is that if your Email Sender reputation is bad, your emails could get bounced or land in the recipient’s spam folder. So, if you want to place your emails on a clear path to success, you need an effective way to check your sender’s reputation.

Email Sender reputation refers to the score of your email sending IP address assigned by an Internet Service provider (ISP).

Today, we’ve come up with the five best, easy-to-use email marketing tools that can be used to check sender reputation so that you can get more out of your Salesforce CRM email campaign.

1. Sender Score. It is probably one of the best-known services that track email sender reputations. It facilitates calculations on a score between 0 to 100. It will describe the sender’s reputation and shows how mailbox providers view your IP address. The higher your score, the better your reputation, and the higher your email deliverability rate.

If your score is near 100, this indicates that most of the sender’s transactional and marketing emails land in the inboxes. If your score is near 0, this shows a high chance that the emails are likely to be spammed or bounced; the email campaigns will then have high bounce rates, high block rates, and low open rates. 

2. Trusted Source – Trusted Source is a service run by McAfee, that provides you with genuine and accurate ratings for your email server, your domain name, email content, and web content. It helps you predict whether your recipients respond to your emails and whether the emails are likely to be delivered to the right destination.

3. Reputation Authority – It is a service for email and web security. With the Reputation Authority, you can receive a score ranging from 0 to 100 on whether your emails are trustworthy or not. Additionally, you will also come to know how many of your emails were opened.

4. Talos Intelligence – It provides you with the tools that rank email senders from good, neutral, and poor. For example, if you have a new server, it may provide you with a rank as a neutral state. Talos Intelligence reputation lookup lets you check your email reputation through searching by IP address, domain, or network owner.

5. Salesforce MassMailer Email Monitor – MassMailer Email Monitor is a full email deliverability suite designed for Salesforce CRM customers. It helps check email sender reputation by identifying potentially blocked content, checking your email against blacklists, and predicting whether your email will be bounced or spam blocked. 

MassMailer Email Monitor works within Salesforce CRM and would make suggestions to improve email deliverability and take your Salesforce email campaign game to the next level. You can install a free trial for MassMailer from Salesforce AppExchange.

Start maximizing your potential today by leveraging these out-of-the-box tools to check your Salesforce Email Sender Reputation, improve email deliverability rate, and ensure that more of your emails reach the intended recipients. 

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