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5 Reasons to take up a Marketing Cloud Developer Certification

Salesforce has revolutionized the world of technology like never before. The unprecedented success of Salesforce products and solutions is evident from the fact that thousands and millions of customers are signing contracts with each passing day. If this is not all, the demand for Salesforce developers, consultants, and administrators is on an all-time high. It is for these and many more reasons why a big majority of Fortune 500 companies these days are hunting for skilled Salesforce professionals, with the proven expertise of the platform.

In today’s market, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers are in huge demand and this is because of the value they bring on the table. Furthermore, these skilled professionals provide countless reasons for organizations to identify and explore ways to improve operational efficiencies like never before.

Due to lucrative pay packages and high demand, the need for Salesforce professionals is on an all-time high in the technology domain. It is because of these reasons why a big majority of professionals with technical expertise today are opting for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Certification.

You might be wondering what is the need for being a certified developer in Marketing Cloud? So, if you want to find out the benefits of being a certified Marketing Cloud Developer, explore the following functionalities. But, before that let me tell you something about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Certification.

Well, you know, in today’s times there is a need for hiring the candidates who have a good experience, development skills and knowledge about Salesforce. That is the main reason why candidates are keen to acquire the certification in this platform done. The more you have certifications, the higher the chances of showcasing your capabilities. 

If you are a certified developer, you can stand out from the competition and enhance your chances of leading a successful professional career. Being an expert in the Marketing cloud platform will help developers create and develop value-added marketing applications to customize your marketing business with application professional interface (API) Integrations.

Reason to Become a Certified Marketing Cloud Developer

  1. Get in-depth knowledge of the Domain

Being a certified Marketing Cloud Developer helps you access the opportunity to acquire more knowledge in the field of Marketing Cloud development. You can implement your previous extensive knowledge and expertise with the newly-acquired knowledge of the domain to achieve the desired results. 

You will be positioned as a Marketing Cloud Subject matter expert who is expected to have a perfect blend of knowledge. Undoubtedly, you will lead organizations to achieve better customer relations, enhance clear insights on the working and functionalities of Marketing Cloud development, and help aspirants answer all kinds of questions. If you are an expert in your domain, you will always be trusted to guide freshers in your organization when it comes to Marketing Cloud.

In a nutshell: “Become an expert in your field and success will follow“.

  1. Secure App development has to be your first and foremost priority

Security is really most important in App development. A secure development approach is a core upfront step that can help in avoiding troubles down the road.

Today, organizations emphasize identifying expert Marketing Cloud developers who can assist them to keep data safe and secure. For this, they trust the certifications achieved through eminent Marketing Cloud Developer examinations across the world. These tests are used to evaluate knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the candidates when it comes to key management types, encryption functions, and the permissions required for APIs. 

The Marketing Cloud certification will help you position yourself as a reliable authority who can be trusted to maintain the security of the data and activities in a Marketing Cloud environment. As companies are dealing with huge data sets, maintaining data privacy and security is critical than ever before. It requires qualified and expert professionals in the segment of Marketing Cloud on stay on top of all obstacles.

In a nutshell: App development security isn’t a benefit, it is a bare necessity. One breach can cause a major loss to the company. That is why security should be always the first priority in Marketing Cloud development and this is the biggest reason why Marketing Cloud professionals are hired at an unprecedented pace these days.

3. This is something that you just cannot resist for long

The Salesforce Certification exam will let you know about your knowledge and passion in the field of cloud development. It evaluates the developers’ skills and improvizes your experience on the Marketing Cloud Platform.

It is important for you to gain a clear and complete understanding about data extensions, importing activities using file formats, etc. before you decide to sit for the Marketing Cloud developer certification exam. The exam will primarily include scenarios around data modeling, programmatic languages, data management, and security. This exam will also assess your past experience if any, and knowledge as well. It will also make you aware of the latest trends and developments in the segment of the Marketing Cloud.

In a nutshell: To become a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer certified, demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the exam and improve your learning on a continuous basis.

  1. The arsenal of Salesforce has everything to get you going

Salesforce offers CRM solutions and tools for businesses and departments such as sales, and marketing. By becoming a Marketing Cloud developer, you can easily build social and mobile apps using lightning-fast tools. A clear understanding of Salesforce tools and practices would help you eliminate monotonous efforts.

It is highly recommended that you must emphasize on learning the basics as well as the advanced methodologies in the context of Marketing Cloud. For this, you can try out Trailhead (interactive, online tutorials to learn Salesforce), Marketing Cloud Developer Center (a comprehensive set of resources for learning Salesforce), and exam guides (that would include frequently asked questions about Salesforce) to ensure that you have a clear understanding of Marketing Cloud and other Salesforce products.

In a nutshell: Salesforce provides certifications, study guides, and mock exam study material to guide. Moreover, you can also access invaluable insights from industry experts. 

  1. Be a master when others have just started to learn

Salesforce certified expert is considered to be the most experienced and proficient professional who has got the best possible Salesforce abilities. These skilled professionals have the expertise and can easily handle a wide range of simple as well as complicated tasks without any hiccups. Being a certificate holder has got ample benefits. Once you acquire the certification, multiple opportunities will be available for you to boost your career and grow exponentially.

In a nutshell: Be a certified expert and turbocharge your career. Certification in Marketing Cloud Development would be your best bet to emerge as the industry expert.

Final words

The primary reason why should opt for the Marketing Cloud Development certification is to enhance your developing skills. This certification will open your doors of success to stand out in the segment of Marketing Cloud Development and manifest your knowledge in the domain.

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