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How Marketing Spend Can Be Maximized By Financial Services Marketers With Advanced Reporting?

If you’re the proud owner of a profit-driven business, you know the value of a dollar. It is always important to optimize your budget but it can be a tricky affair to find out exactly where your marketing spends will be the most rewarding. Should you be pushing more email marketing, social media promotion, or paid search?

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Cloud Analogy, the world’s most trusted Pardot Development Company, has got good news for you. Advanced Reporting from Pardot can help you bring an abrupt end to the guessing game and help you spend where it matters the most for your brand.

There is no denying the fact that reporting is the most critical aspect of any success-driven marketing program. Techniques pertaining to advanced reporting can help you find out what exactly you’re doing and how everything is going so that you can make smart and proactive decisions.

Let us find out how financial services marketers can optimize their marketing spend with advanced reporting techniques.

Taking Advantage Of AI

Reporting is all based on data. Artificial Intelligence is like the refinery if data is like oil. Marketers may find it extremely difficult to identify, explore, streamline, and utilize data coming at them from all directions but that’s something they have to deal with anyways. The good news is that AI can help them mine all of this complex and sophisticated data from countless sources and bring them all together into easily actionable, digestible insights.


Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence can help you find out what content and keywords perform well for different target audiences and which marketing & promotional campaigns drive the most customer engagement across the funnel. For instance, you may notice over a period of time that prospects who engage with two or more assets associated with your home loan financing campaign are more likely to purchase your loan financing services. 

Utilizing this insight, you can easily create and nurture a strategic program for home loan financing that can easily and quickly engage your target audience within two or three pieces of content within the initial week of them entering the database. Your financial services organization can easily identify qualified leads faster by engaging with buyers early on in their buyer journey. This will also help you make sure that your sales team extends its reach to the right audience at the right time and place and benefit from reduced deal cycles.

Whether it’s information about your financial planning resources, investment series, or even the kind of services that buyers will ultimately purchase, Artificial Intelligence helps you make sense of them all so you can easily put those invaluable insights into action through your marketing spend.

Real-time Optimization

You can be always on even while remaining on the move with advanced reporting. Not only this, you can make real-time, smart adjustments during a campaign.

One of the biggest advantages of Advanced Reporting with Salesforce Pardot is that it helps you see what is happening with your campaigns in real-time. For instance, you can quickly reroute your marketing spend for promoting the high-performing landing pages as the promotional campaign is happening if you are running a campaign that revolves a new hedge fund offering and there is an underperforming landing page. 

Moreover, you can share invaluable insights with your marketing and sales stakeholders in real-time by leveraging an analytics platform that is integrated with your customer relationship management software and marketing automation. Eventually, this helps you eliminate data silos and ensure that everything is aligned.

With advanced reporting in your growth-centric marketing toolbox, you can easily take your financial services brand to the next big level. Furthermore, it will also help you make the most out of your marketing spend, irrespective of the size of your budget.

If you require professional assistance on how to transform your business with out-of-the-box Salesforce Pardot Advanced Reporting, Cloud Analogy will be an excellent choice for you. Hire Pardot Implementation Company now and feel the difference by yourself.

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