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The Biggest Challenges For Salesforce Admins

The Biggest Challenges For Salesforce Admins

Salesforce administrators are not exempted from challenges associated with implementation, updates, or transformation that Salesforce may undergo. Dependent upon the work environment, shifting demands of customers and changes in the digital realm, among many other factors, are among some of the biggest challenges that are faced by Salesforce Admins in their day-to-day tasks.

In this blog by Shweta Bajetha, we will look at two of the most common challenges faced by Salesforce Admins.

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Challenge 1:

Symbols and special characters show up in emails when emails are sent in a different language. Users often face issues with symbols and special characters in emails sent via Salesforce or on forms.

Requirement: The task ahead of us was to send an email in any language (French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai) to specific users without changing the language of the org.

Solution: Lightning Experience: Avatar | Settings | My Personal Information | Language & Time Zone | Update Email Encoding | Save


Challenge 2:

Double Events being synced into Salesforce when Outlook is integrated with the same. For example, when an event has been booked via Calendly, duplicate events get created in Salesforce that is randomly shared with some users in Salesforce.


Solution: As per Salesforce and standard best practices, only one of the below can be turned ON at a time for Events to be synced properly:

  • Einstein Activity Capture
  • Lightning Sync

If both are switched On, the Events will be synced with Salesforce two at a time, causing discrepancies and duplicates.

Now that we have read about the challenges, let us move our focus to other roadblocks that hurt Salesforce admins.

Data Quality

Salesforce administrators are faced with the humongous task of keeping their data as clean as possible. This is required to facilitate user adoption that should trend upwards. It is worthwhile to note here that user adoption is enhanced when users trust the data that is in Salesforce. Therefore, it is critical for admins to ensure the data that is in Salesforce is as accurate as possible.

User Adoption

It is important to consider the accuracy of data in the back of the head as we build things out for customers. If someone has suggested you to incorporate a recommendation or asked for a new field, it is important not to be afraid to say no. The point is – you must really consider how a proposed change would benefit the Salesforce Org. Just because a suggestion has come your way does not mean the individual who proposed the change actually needs it.

Salesforce Admins must provide their best recommendations and analysis before implementation. This will significantly ease the process of user adoption. The primary goal of admins with user adoption should always be to make the user community feel more empowered and confident about the CRM system and how it would benefit their enterprise.


Poorly defined or redundant processes


Investing in technology would almost always mean adjusting processes of the business to align with it. Business process improvement with Salesforce, depending on the size of a business, may take a significant amount of time and resources. However, it would still be necessary irrespective of the technology to be implemented. 

The investment will modulate the organization up for success in the long run. Processes such as how data is managed; how your sales teams manage and route leads; how data flows between departments; what performance metrics are used to measure success; and how orders are entered are a few examples of what enterprises require to tweak to avoid Salesforce problems.



Challenges would always be there but a qualified and certified Salesforce Administrator has all the skills required to handle simple as well as complex requirements. Want to hire best Salesforce Administrator? Reach out to Cloud Analogy now.

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