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Salesforce Tutorial: Payment Page Implementation & Integration

Salesforce, one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) providers, offers various out-of-the-box software solutions and features. It allows users to track leads and prospects, monitor sales processes efficiently, seamlessly manage and qualify leads, and much more.

The robust CRM solution even offers real-time customer collaboration and social media integration within the Salesforce platform. To harness this robust tool’s full potential, you need an effective approach to implement the integration of your actual sales, i.e., payments into your CRM.

Salesforce CRM offers full control over payment processing by implementing pages in Salesforce while managing everything right from where your customer data is stored.

Salesforce Admins have access to all the features to build different home pages and assign different home pages for each user profile. This is the ultimate way to deliver your users the best Salesforce experience, making their jobs more manageable, and your business runs smoother. 

Let’s now dig deeper into Payment page Implementation & Integration in Salesforce and discuss the implementation process we followed in one of our client’s projects.

Cloud Analogy – Project on Payment Page Implementation & Integration

Let us now discuss a project executed by Cloud Analogy wherein the client had the following requirements:

Client Requirements:

The client requirements were as follows:

  •  Implement a Home page through which system administrator is directed as he installs a Managed Package.

  •  The Page comprises of three tabs :

    1. Payment Page

This page is built to capture users’ credit card details and allow them to proceed forward then. The trial period would be for 14 days. During this period, their SF admin would be able to add any number of users, and these users would have unlimited calling minutes.

2. License management

This page is for user management and adding sub-users.

3. Configuration Page  

A section for additional settings and features the SF Admin can manage at the account level. 

  • The user is allowed first to fill his billing details on the first page, where he saves all his details and consumes API for signup to Intellisales CRM, which requires SOAP callouts to be done for getting the response. 

  • When the user successfully signup his account that is created in another integrated system, then he is allowed to switch to License Tab, where he can add more users. They can take subscriptions to utilize the Call center properties.

  • The third tab was mainly built for System admin where he can save settings and add more features and Dispositions for Call center.

Our Solution

  • Designed the User Interface (UI) of all the three tabs using lightning SLDS classes and also created lightning components.

  • Integrated Intellisales(Client CRM) with Salesforce to create billing user records, fetch user information, create sub-users, and add dispositions.

  • Consumed the Intellisales APIS using SOAP integration methods.

Payment Page:  

Licence Management Page:

Configuration Page:

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