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How To Decide Which CRM Solution Is Right For You?

Are you looking for the best CRM package and product? Sit back and relax. We will tell you which CRM Solution is appropriate for your day-to-day business and its growth. 

Your business is growing, but are you clueless on how to stay ahead of your peers, especially in today’s challenging times? Here’s how customer relationship management (CRM) will help you and your business. So let’s analyze which CRM solution is best for your business. 

CRM systems are considered to drive the exponential growth of companies. When it comes to CRM systems, there are mainly two types of CRM

First is the on-premise and the second is on-demand, also known as a Cloud-based system. 

Kinds of CRM

On-premise CRM

On-premise, as the word suggests, is a CRM suite located at an organization’s place of use. This may mean that the CRM is located on dedicated server space or even in a closet. Generally speaking, the on-premise solution allows the users to buy either a server or a device that can function.

The CRM software can then be built on that server, normally via an in-house IT department.

Cloud-based CRM

Cloud-based CRM systems are much handy as it works digitally via the Internet. It does not require any software installation or a team of members who have to work upon the management system. This service is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) and is handled by experts. 

Moreover, anyone can simply log in from any device and have access to it after approval by the business head. 

Pros & Cons:

On-premise Cons 

  • IT staff is potent for the maintenance of the system.
  • The cost of installation and setup is high.
  • Major delays can occur due to outages in the system. 

On-premise Pros

  • It is easier to look after and take care of security, data, and equipment.
  • It is better for small businesses to develop. 

Cloud-based Pros

  • Accessible to anyone, everywhere and from any device.
  • It can be operated after approval from anyone in the organization.
  • Requires minimum investment.
  • Updates aren’t necessary and are mostly automatic.
  • Best software to upgrade business.

Cloud-based Cons

  • Works only on Internet connection, if the internet goes down your services are disrupted. 

As quoted by Ulrik Nehammer, CEO of Coca Cola Germany, “one needs to make the best decisions keeping in mind the needs of customers rather than sitting in the office ideally.”

Salesforce came up with CRM, way back in 1999, and the service has proved to be beneficial since then. It eases manpower, reduces cost, requires no hardware, and increases productivity 70% more than on-premise services. 

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