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9 Amazing facts about Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is a set of out-of-the-box AI technologies that provide a smooth experience to the users while they collaborate on any device. Whether it is about cloning the master dashboard for each story point, explaining insights within the dashboard, or enhancing interactivity and communication – Einstein Analytics has something for everyone!

The list of advantages associated with this advanced CRM analytics platform doesn’t end here as it leverages artificial intelligence to the analytics workflow and also helps users optimize marketing campaigns.

Salesforce Einstein
  1. Native to Salesforce and equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Salesforce Einstein Analytics (formerly known as Wave) is native to the Salesforce platform and you don’t need to install any additional packages to get started.

You can quickly and easily search for all of your data by providing sophisticated AI-powered advanced analytics right in your Salesforce environment. However, you need a special authorization license to investigate and develop your data insights. If you want to investigate what license you want to buy, Trailhead is the right place for you. 

  1. The In-house Data Scientist is ready to serve you

Data scientists can quickly search through large amounts of data to find important correlations and make accurate predictions. Sometimes it is difficult to understand large volumes of data, and this is where Einstein comes into the picture, offering Salesforce administrators a powerful way to enter data from various sources with the help of datasets.


  1. Work with Salesforce and non-Salesforce data

There are several ways to enter data into the Einstein Analytics platform. You can enter external data from the CSV file using the CSV uploader or from the Connector or Google Analytics API. For Salesforce data, you can make use of a powerful tool called Data Flow. 

To receive data from the existing datasets, replications, and bucket fields you can use a user interface tool called Dataset Recipe tool.

In both cases, Salesforce Einstein Analytics allows you to work with both Salesforce and non-Salesforce data.


  1. Easy data conversion and synchronization

Einstein Analytics offers a very powerful tool for loading, cleaning, and transforming your data in Salesforce using Data Recipe. 

Data Recipe tool takes your data forward from Data sets, giving you a powerful User Interface to clean and transform your data, allowing you to manipulate strings, formulas, buckets, and filter data. You can also combine multiple data sets and create a master data set using Data Recipe.


  1. Explores data quickly and automates actions

With Einstein Analytics, you can quickly get the information from the Dashboard and see changes and modifications on the filter by clicking on the chart. This is a great feature for the end users because they can view accurate data at the right time with just a few clicks.

  1. Remote data connectors

With BigQuery, Salesforce has created an Einstein Analytics Connector that makes it easy to combine data across various systems, regions, and warehouses. This approach ensures smarter data preparation and helps expand your CRM data with external data in BigQuery, prepare and clean your data intelligently, and build Analytics Apps with fewer clicks. 

Using data from BigQuery, you can create an interactive dashboard that summarizes activity from an advertising campaign, a summary of engagement by channel, and more.

  1. Transform tables into charts

With Einstein Analytics charts, you can turn datasheets into interesting and informative visualizations.  There are many charts available and you can choose the one that suits your business needs. Analytics charts are an easy way to create engaging and informative graphics that can be quickly presented and shared.

  1. Safe, reliable, and scalable

Einstein Analytics allows everyone in your Org to instantly get access to powerful data insights through a point-and-click visual interface. Whether you use a desktop browser or a mobile device, you will get the answers you need within a few seconds, allowing you to make smart decisions faster. 

Einstein Analytics is a self-service application that helps you understand large amounts of data. You can explore your data to get new and unexpected insights. Furthermore, it allows you to create a dashboard to track your key business metrics based on the latest data.

  1. Smart Analytics for Sales, Service and Marketing teams

Einstein Analytics offers ready-made applications for Sales, Service, and Marketing users. Einstein helps salespeople find the best leads and opportunities for higher conversion rates and allows them to close more deals. In addition, customers can quickly find answers on the channels of their choice and assist service agents to resolve cases faster by triggering cases and recommending the right items.

In addition, Einstein helps marketers send the right content to the right customers at the right time through the right channel, thereby increasing customer loyalty and engagement. Furthermore, Einstein helps retailers recommend the best product for each customer at the right time and maximize sales revenue. 


All in all, Einstein Analytics helps you improve customer service, increase sales, automate business workflows, provide better and precise product recommendations, and predict better business outcomes consistently and effortlessly. 

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