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Salesforce introduces Sustainability Cloud – Tracking and Reporting reliable environmental data

Salesforce always strives to be a socially responsible company and encourages employees to work in the community. It also gives 1% of its profits for various purposes and emphasizes on the philanthropic 1-1-1 models

Now the company has decided to help other organizations become more productive and sustainable while bringing some carbon accountability to the enterprise. 

Salesforce announced it is working on a new cloud service to help environment-conscious organizations.

Patrick Flynn, Vice President of Sustainability at Salesforce, says that he sees sustainability as the major problem businesses are facing today and it must be addressed now. Patrick added the question is how Salesforce can help. 

We have been thinking about how Salesforce can truly cope with climate change, and climate change is the biggest, most important, and most complex challenge that people have ever faced, and we believe that everyone and every company needs to come forward and do something they can,” said Flynn.

To do this, the company is developing the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud to track the company’s sustainability efforts. Instead of tracking customers or sales, this tool tracks key performance indicators like renewable energy use, overall energy consumption, carbon emissions over time, and how well a company is achieving its sustainability goals.

This tool utilizes Salesforce Einstein Analytics to surface relevant valuable data and craft dynamic reports and dashboards for audit purposes or executive engagement.

Salesforce has been embracing this product internally to measure its sustainability efforts. “We use products to measure our footprint in various areas of our business, from data centers to public clouds, real estates working with third-party providers to make the operations more clear and transparent, more efficient through renewable energy sources, and less carbon-intensive” said Flynn. 

When carbon is produced, companies use carbon offsets to fund sustainability projects such as clean cookstoves or to protect the Amazon rainforest.

According to Flynn, the investment community is increasingly looking for evidence that companies are building robust and verifiable sustainability programs.

The new Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, currently in the beta stage, is designed to help businesses track, analyze, and report reliable environmental data. It is expected to be available next year. Flynn cannot say how much Salesforce wants to charge for this service but said that the purpose of this product is to have a positive social impact.

Our Philanthropy - Cloud Analogy

Cloud Analogy, a leading Salesforce development Company, is a Salesforce Pledge 1% partner.  As a trusted global company, we carry a corporate social responsibility towards our employees and customers, and also towards the global environment and the society as a whole. At Cloud Analogy, we believe that we offer more than just products. We strive to provide greater positive impacts on everyone around us as we grow. It is our responsibility to give back to society and nature.

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