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Experiences on a UK Business Trip

Greetings! I am Sachin Arora and I work in Cloud Analogy as a Salesforce Expert and at the same time I have acted in the capacity of UK Business Head for Cloud Analogy. My job roles at Cloud Analogy are Salesforce Consultant and a Technical lead in development.

My Certifications

I started my career as a Java developer, almost 6 years back, as an Oracle Certified Java programming developer. However, after working for about a year's time in Java programming, I made a conscious shift to Salesforce technology.

Since then, I have acquired skill sets by Salesforce certifications. I am a Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder and a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1. I have 5+ years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. Cloud Analogy works in Agile methodologies, and I am a certified Scrum Master also.

I would now narrate the wonderful experiences that I gathered, while starting our UK office and other events. I planned to arrive at London, a day before the event London Calling 2019 was scheduled, 8th March, 2019. I gathered some knowledge on:

  • Acquiring Lessons on to the UK culture, weather and time zones.

  • Finding Transport and Vegetarian Food Outlets.

  • Preparations for obtaining the Visa.

  • Planning for a flight after obtaining the Visa.

Now, about the business trip to the UK.

My First & Awesome Experience with London Calling

March 7th, 2019

I took a flight to London with a stopover at Kuwait. At the end of my long flight, I reached Heathrow Airport, London at 9:30 in the evening. Thanks to my partner and mentor Ajay Dubedi, I was adequately clothed, as the temperature was quite low and windy outside. I reached the hotel, at Club Quarter, a 10 minutes work from London Calling event venue.

london calling march

March 8th, 2019

London Calling, the spectacular Salesforce event gave us an opportunity to collaborate with existing clients and Salesforce community and attend the various keynote addresses, Demo JAM sessions and others.

Demo JAM Session

  • First, I attended the Demo JAM Session, to showcase apps on the AppExchange. There were 15 apps from various partners and I learnt quite a lot.


Managing Global Team

A good session with Amanda Beard Nielson, on managing global teams with knowledge on time zones and cultures.

Salesforce Vs Serverless : Who will Win the Match?

We all know that Salesforce burst into with no servers and no software taglines. Salesforce was discussed and how Cloud Computing is advancing with Salesforce.

“How to Scale the App with Salesforce Ecosystem?”

Maritina Tsembelis spoke on this topic.  

Discussions with an Existing Client

An opportunity to expand our business further with one of our clients.

london calling client

Salesforce Enthusiast’s London Trip

March 9th- 10th: My First Weekend

It was time to explore London, Thames and Indian restaurants of course!

March 11th : Challenges for an Existing Client

Met an existing client in a 2 hour session and discuss challenges over a cup of coffee.

March 12th  : Pardot Visit to London Event As per our plans to understand the culture, and learned more about Pardot. A great opportunity.


March 13th  :Knowing about the Culture


Knowing more about culture, as I attended an event by Salesforce. It imparted with domain specific solutions and vision of Salesforce. Starting the journey and how it is shaping up your business.  

collage pic


March 14th : Higher Education Meetup at Oxford

A higher education group meetup with students, advisors and industry solutions team and others.

A good session on Migrating to Lightning. Discovered new insights from this, despite all my expertise and how Salesforce was explored by them. I explored the Natural Science Museum at Oxford, a collection of animals, metals and everything that is science.

Natural Science Museum


March 15th – March16th: Nearby Tourist Places

March 21st:  Meeting a Client

Met a new client in a club and a session for three hours, although it was Holi In India. Met some Indians as I went for dinner, with colours and all.

March 22nd:

Met Eli Kaufman, Cofounder and CTO of Cloud Integrate, an old client with whom I have worked for three years. He really helped with great insights on the culture and places. Tasted an English Breakfast.

March 23rd – 24th : Emirates Aviation Experience

Emirates Aviation Experience, and had splendid experience on how airports operate and viewed airplane engines – a real-time view.

Emirates Aviation Experience


March 25rd – 26th : Dell Boomi Event

Had an amazing experience in the event. Meet new partner and customer techies of Dell Boomi in 2 day conference. Amazing learning and networking at Dell Boomi World Tour London 2019

dell boomi event


March 27th : My Quest for Learning about UK Continues


  • Visited Madame Tussauds Museum Collection for the wonderful celebrity collection, knowing more about the history of London.

  • Funtime at Sea Life Adventure for dolphins and sea creatures.

  • Took a London Golden Bus Tour for a guided tour for the all the iconic sights in London, London Eye at sunset and more.

madame tussauds museum


Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a good experience, with the friendly people around, always ready to help others. But unlike India, limited conversations in the public transport. Anyway, I enjoyed every part of my journey, meaningful client interactions and knowing more, not to mention about the delicious food.

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